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My new site is live........ Newsletter

Welcome to my first newsletter.

Having finally decided to get myself a website, I hope to periodically be writing a short blurb about what I am up to and any forthcoming events.

After this terrible year that we have all had to endure I am hoping the New Year will bring us all some well deserved cheer.

Like so many people I have had several Exhibitions cancelled during the course of the summer but do still have some paintings for viewing at The Royal Standard pub, The Ely Cathedral Refectory and Cloisters Antiques, which can be purchased from any of those venues.

At around Easter I am hoping our postponed exhibition at The Babylon, Waterside, Ely will be able to be open. I will keep you informed how this progresses. This is a mixed exhibition with the Ely Art Lovers Workshop which I help to run and we have held for the last 6 years.

If you care to sign up to my newsletter to hear more please do.

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